Tight budget construction

About Us
Tight budget construction has been involved in a wide variety of development projects and has successfully completed Civil Engineering and Environmental Services including: water supply and reticulation, dams, sewerage and drainage, building works, road construction, telecommunications and power works.

We believe that our success hinges on the passion, expertise and dedication of our employees, and thus place utmost importance to employee welfare by creating a pleasant working environment.




To provide excellent services to the people of Kenya, by offering professional expertise using state of the art tools and technology in computer hardware and software.

The mission reflects our goals, ethics and attitudes towards our work. Innovation is key in dealing with the unique challenges of every project we undertake.

Our Vision

n4To be the most respected Construction Company in Kenya.
We place great value on innovation and professionalism in everything we do. These qualities have proved paramount in our endeavour to be the Company of choice in infrastructure development in Kenya.

How we work

We approach each project with a cooperative mindset, working as a team with our clients, qualified architects, engineers, and subcontractors toward the common goal of successful project delivery.


n3Safety at our workplace is our number one priority. We promote an injury-free work environment for our employees, by providing our employees and subcontractors with the tools, gear, knowledge and resources needed to increase safety, and reduce injury risk on every project we manage.

Services Offered

Lee Construction offers a wide range of civil engineering and environmental services such as:

  1. Water supply and reticulationand Dams

Including: trenching, pipe laying, construction of dams, greenhouses, water storage tanks, irrigation schemes, boreholes, pump houses, sanitation and treatment plants, earth dams, spillways, treatment works, storage tanks and dam grouting.

  1. Sewerage and drainage

Including: construction and rehabilitation of sewer lines, storm drainage, oil waste disposal and septic tanks.

  1. Construction and rehabilitation of buildings

Including: shopping centers, airport hangers, passenger terminals, office blocks, chemical stores, masonry walls, green houses, fire fighting facilities, perimeter wall, fuel storage depots, go downs, concrete, steel, cabling, and roofing works.

  1. Power Works

Including: construction of power lines, power cables and power substations.

  1. Construction and rehabilitation of roads

Including: access roads, infrastructure and maintenance, town roads and pedestrian walkways.

  1. Telecommunication works

Including: cabling works and fibre optics.

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